Friday, March 28, 2008

after school snack

ever since my children were in school they would come home famished. so we always had an after-school snack. sometimes fresh chocolate chip cookies, sometimes apples,carrots with peanut butter. it didn't really matter as long as it filled their tummies till dinner. my youngest child just started college so pretty much the"after school snack" days are over...except on the days when my hubbie is home then he gets the grandboys to ask...whats for after school snack, even if its saturday. what a silly habit. but its one that i guess is being passed down the the snack was cheese crackers and popscicles. what a combo!!!

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Alice Wills Gold said...

Hey Valerie...I am so happy you posted!

I just LOVE this...I want to start calling any snack at our house an "after school snack"...that is what we always called it growing cute.

Next blog entry: after school specials...Do you remember those?