Wednesday, February 13, 2008

where does it come from

I was having a discussion with my4 yr. old grandson today(one of many). he said milk comes from a cow, the farmer puts it in bottles and takes it to the store. I asked him where does hamburger come from? he said The hamburger store of course. It was funny at the moment and then I started thinking of how many things and how many children don't really know where something comes from. Not just meat but dairy products,veges, fruit, nuts, etc. aren't we doing an injustice by not showing,teaching and being a little more self sufficient? Just a thought for the day.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

The wrapping of a soon-to-be 4 yr old

About two weeks previous to Daimon's 4th birthday, his Grandma and Grandpa Southard sent his gifts to him.
What 3 year old has patience enough to wait, when the presents are there enticing him to open the wrapping - if just a little bit - to see what's inside.
After a couple of seemingly innocent attempts at peeking inside, the unknown present had now come to light. He had managed to catch a glimpse of what was inside.
But knowing he would now be in trouble for such acts, he thought for sure he just had to re-wrap the present.
Now - the gift was in my room, and no tape was to be found. So he grabbed the next best item of which to close the wrapping paper....

What a creative little now 4 year old.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

groundhog day

I think its kind of funny that we listen to what a groundhog has to say about the weather. first of all with all the spotlights on the furry critter would he really NOT see his shadow. also his prediction is 6 more weeks of winter. Which puts us to the middle of march. now I think most people already know that march is almost spring. in some parts of the country it will be warm and sunny. yet other parts i'm not sure if spring comes before june or so. but at least we can dream about spring and plan gardens,vacations,etc. hopefully everyone has a wonderful groundhog day!