Sunday, June 22, 2008

the duck got pardoned

at easter kristie and sean bought 4 ducklings the were cute and fluffy. from the start it was explained that 2 were for pets 2 were for dinners. well time has passed and the ducks are now quite large and sean is "seeing" duck dinner in his mind. so he took one duck out of the pen away from the other ducks. the directions say 24 hours with no food before butchering so...there she was in a pen by herself quacking away. taison could hardly stand it he went to the pen and pet her and talked to her. on the way home from church kristie talked to the boys and they said they were NOT ok with duck dinner, "wait till we have a bunch of ducks" was their solution. soooo... the duck is pardoned and back together with her feathery friends.