Saturday, May 17, 2008


russ and i had the opportunity to go to st thomas. it was very pretty the water was crystal clear. we saw some really cool things and got to go sailing and snorkeling, something we have never done before. the problem with this is we were really out of our element. we were noticing the difference in the way people vacation there and the people that live there. its such a huge gap. we talked to a local guy,he was our taxi driver, he told alot about the history, the way of life, the education etc. i think we enjoyed that as much as anything else. we and some other couples (more like us) we just wanted a plain old baked potato. it is rather humorous when put that way, the food there was just very "posh" like everything else. i did on several mornings enjoy sitting and watching the ocean and being truely grateful for the world that Heavenly Father has created.(even though i know there are several places on the earth that are so completely opposite this)