Monday, January 21, 2008

january blahs

Ok so I've spent the last several hours reading lots of blogs and all the ideas people have about every subject you can imagine. After all the 'research' I've come to realize I have a very boring mundane life. I go to bed many nights thinking "what have I accomplished today?" It seems I'm busy most of the day but I can't say I actually have improved anything for anyone. Sure the clothes might be clean the dishes done, but in the eternal realm of things what have I done? I really need to work on this. I have a son studying and reesearching on how to improve the poverty issues in the world. He says its really hard to read and learn of all the issues and then talk to people who can't decide on "where to go out to eat or what movie to see". Our conversations seem to be one sided...I'm thrilled to listen to what he learns but I don't really have anything to imput into the conversation. I guess I need to read more or find some way to help my little corner of the world. I realize winter is really only in the middle or beginning of the worst, but now that the holidays are over and we want to get out just for fun...its yucky. well i guess I need to stop being a complainer and just get out. thanks to all who have great blogs ...It makes my day!!!


Alice Wills Gold said...

YEAH VALERIE!!! I am so proud of you for finally updating. Good for you. However, now, you are going to make me look like a liar if any of my friends come over and don't see your kitchen first thing.

I will look like a liar though, if it means that I will actually have another frequently updated blog to read.

Lindsey Diane Rose said...

Valerie, I have to say for one person who is always thinking about others you really should feel like you accomplish a lot! I think those two grandsons of yours would have a lot to say about their wonderful grandma and I think you are great too.