Thursday, September 6, 2007

Blog #1

hello family
mom is still trying to figure out this new world of technology. i would hardly call 10 years old new. through the many frustrations we have managed to load a picture and start typing our first blog. what an accomplishment. all is going well and we are tired of the 90 degree heat. we had the record most consecutive days over 90 degrees. we are ready for fall. we took family pictures and this was one of the best. sad huh? Dave (Penn State) Ben (Senior Year) are both busy with school. Jon and Brian are busy working in the Grand Teton National Park. Stephanie is working and enjoying the single life (see adjoining blog). Kristie is busy working for Dad while her kids stay here with Mom, who is the new relief society president of our ward. we have made this new blog to increase family communication, but this is not going to be a one way relationship, right? we expect to hear from all of you soon.


Grams said...

Good job!! This is great! Now I need to figure out how to post Stuart news.....loves to you all.

Foxy Chere said...
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Alice Wills Gold said...

LOVE THE PIC of the glam cute!